I will never forget how Ruthie Slingerland made a profound impact on my life. Ruthie was inviting in her way of speaking and very open to help.  I was pursuing a teaching position and was nervous about my interview. I needed to create an exceptional lesson plan. I decided to reach out to her hoping for a bit of feedback.  Ruthie spent a generous amount of time with me on the phone and gave me a ton of ideas and together we reworked my strategy. 

I was elated with the results and had not thought of the approach that Ruthie proposed.  I was able to use some of my original ideas, but my lesson was greatly enhanced. The result: I got the job!  My dream of becoming an ESL teacher came to light and I will never forget how Ruthie was there for me, in a selfless and skilled way, when I really needed some guidance.  

― Amber-Buffalo, NY