The Art of Indecisiveness

We all have those moments… We need to make a decision but we vacilate.

We delay….We procrastinate…We sleep on it.

Have you ever had to make a decision and thought you needed more time to decide what to do?

Have you ever known what to do but verbally said “I need to think about it.”?

Here’s the truth: Not deciding is a decision in itself.

Sure, sometimes we really DO need more time to research, question, analyze, gather information before we make an important decision. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about those moments when our intuition kicks in and we know what to do in the moment.

I’m talking about a decision you need to make that in your gut you know the answer to.

It’s those decisions and moments when your heart knows what the answer is but your brain questions it.

For example, we’ve all been there. A friend invites us to a dinner after a long, exhausting week and your gut says: “What I need is a nice warm bath and a glass of wine.” Instead of listening to yourself say that, you question it and ignore it. Your response to your friend is: “Yes, that sounds great! We will be there.”

Next thing you know, you are running on fumes with your family because you didn’t give yourself that quiet moment you KNEW you needed.

You might say “I would hate sitting in a bath with a glass of wine! I NEED to socialize at the end of a long, exhausting week.” Well, I would say GREAT! Then that’s what YOU need. Don’t hesitate to say yes because going to a dinner with friends would do your heart good. If your spouse is a homebody then you will have to be true with them about your need to get out of the house.

Find out what your personal compass and spirit needs and be true to those things. This will be different for everyone but don’t hesitate and delay when you know what the right thing to do is…. You know the truth deep down.

What has your experience been with indecisiveness?

Share your ideas below. I’d love to hear them.


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